Sustainability at Mondelēz

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At Mondelēz International, our focus is on making our snacks sustainably by using less energy, less water and creating less waste. We want to drive change at scale and concentrate on the areas where we can make a real difference, led by clear, science-based targets. Our mission and  purpose is to lead the future of snacking by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. We call this Snacking Made Right and this provides a framework for our sustainability strategy.  

Our priorities including reducing our environmental impact, sourcing sustainably, and optimising packaging and reducing packaging where possible. We focus on where we can have the biggest impact, sustainable sourcing being a key area. All the cocoa in Cadbury confectionery products is sustainably sourced through the Cocoa Life programme, partnering with Fairtrade foundation.  Our Harmony programme ensures wheat is locally sourced and farmed in a way that conserves water, cares for the soil, protects biodiversity and reduces carbon emissions.

Our Cocoa Life Program

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All the cocoa used in Cadbury confectionery is sustainably sourced through Cocoa Life. Cocoa Life is a long-term programme to create a strong cocoa supply chain whilst transforming the lives and livelihoods of farmers and their communities. For more information –

Our Harmony Programme

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Our Harmony Programme is a long-term programme to ensure wheat is sourced locally to our factories and farmed in a way that conserves water, cares for the soil, protects biodiversity and reduces carbon emissions. Over 50% of the products in our UK Biscuit range are made with sustainably sourced wheat through our Harmony programme.

Flexible Plastics Fund

As founding members of the Flexible Plastics Fund, we’re committed to improving recycling infrastructures to support our goal for 100% of our packaging to be recyclable by 2025.  This year, we will roll out recycled content  in our Cadbury Dairy Milk sharing tablets in Bournville which use 30% recycled plastic packaging (mass balance approach).

 Flexible Plastics Fund

Pack Light and Pack Right

Our ‘Pack Light and Pack Right’ strategy means we’re committed to creating zero net waste packaging and working towards a circular economy. Last Easter, our re-design of Cadbury inclusion shell egg packaging removed 6.4 million plastic windows from production. We will continue this further, optimising and reducing our materials wherever possible. 

Reducing Environmental Impact

 Reducing Environmental Impact

Mondelēz International switched to purchasing 100% renewable electricity across six sites including their iconic Bournville factory, the heart and home of Cadbury in the UK, Bournville RDQ centre, Sheffield factory the home of Maynards Bassetts, Minworth, Marlbrook, Chirk and Crediton. The sustainable electricity is generated solely in Great Britain. 


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